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Get the Inside Scoop on InteractRV

Kevin spends some time with Greg Gerber/ sharing the InteractRV story, our approach to doing business with RV Dealerships, and some fun conversation along the way. The interview gets going at 7:45 into the recording. Have a listen here: … Continued

Posted by 9 years ago

Beware of Buying Online Ad Impressions

Pay per click display ads and pay per impression display ads are two primary methods of online, display advertising (‘display’ meaning banner ads, remarketing etc.) you might spend your hard earned money on and it’s important to know the facts. … Continued

Posted by 9 years ago

The Difference A Blog Can Make

There’s a reason RV dealerships gaining the most online momentum are blogging every month. Simply by regularly posting quality content to your blog helps your search engine optimization, lead generation, and relationship with existing and potential customers. Blogging done right … Continued

Posted by 10 years ago

Google Prefers Fat & Happy Websites

Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm update rolled out last month and hit with a vengeance, penalizing thin and skinny, low quality content websites.  Many businesses, even popular and well funded, lost 80% of their organic rankings in one fell swoop! … Continued

Posted by 10 years ago

The End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era as Windows XP is now officially no longer supported by Microsoft. If your computer is among the estimated 1 in 5 computers still using the 13-year-old operating system, it’s important you read on … Continued

Posted by 10 years ago

Why Good Mobile Matters in 2014

This year, the number of mobile devices is predicted to surpass the number of desktop and laptop personal computers. Not surprisingly, more and more potential customers are turning to their smartphones to research and shop for RVs. Is your website … Continued

Posted by 10 years ago

Customer Testimonials Increase Sales!

The Power of a Testimonial We know shoppers use the internet to research the products and services they’re after before making a choice about where to spend their dollars.  Similar to a referral from a trusted friend, a customer testimonial … Continued

Posted by 11 years ago
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