Why Good Mobile Matters in 2014

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This year, the number of mobile devices is predicted to surpass the number of desktop and laptop personal computers. Not surprisingly, more and more potential customers are turning to their smartphones to research and shop for RVs. Is your website equipped?

To get your website mobile ready for your shoppers consider what is called Responsive Design.  Which is essentially making your website appear nicely on all devices whether a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone using the same content, but re-arranging it ‘behind the scenes’ for each device size.

A number of benefits of moving your site to Responsive Design are…

See the difference…

Non-Responsive Design Website Examples:

Responsive Design Examples:

Whether you currently don’t have a mobile presence at all or you have a separate mobile site, getting ready with a Responsive Website for the upcoming selling season is just a phone call away.

Give your client service specialist a call. We’re here to help.

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