Maximize Off-Season Sales

Find Off-Season Opportunities Do you stop advertising during the winter months? While it’s certainly important to know which seasons will most likely equate to a shopper becoming a buyer, here are the most prominent reasons why turning off your PPC … Continued

Posted by 10 years ago

Spend Your PPC Dollars More Wisely

Focus on changes for PPC w/ call to action to allow us to help or hone up on skills internally. As smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity and consumers are seamlessly switching between devices, a new, multi-device world … Continued

Posted by 11 years ago

Recruiting for your Dealership

After reviewing a few options on how to get resumes attached to the employment application process there are a couple of options… 1. Customize the Code: we could customize the code we have to allow uploading. To allow for what … Continued

Posted by 11 years ago

Pay Per Click Marketing Assistance or DIY?

If you’ve ever wondered if you should have someone assist you optimize your pay per click (PPC) campaigns it might be wise to truly consider what is at stake before you ‘place your bids’. Why has Google started offering advice … Continued

Posted by 12 years ago

Mobile is Taking Over

Mobile is taking over… http://gigaom.com/2011/06/21/mobile-devices-overtake-computers-on-wi-fi-networks/   A recent study by Google has found that 77% of people that find a website hard to use on a smartphone will leave and never return.   Have you looked at your website analytics … Continued

Posted by 12 years ago
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