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Find Off-Season Opportunities

Do you stop advertising during the winter months? While it’s certainly important to know which seasons will most likely equate to a shopper becoming a buyer, here are the most prominent reasons why turning off your PPC and/or SEO during this time could cost you business.

Use PPC effectively during off-season.

Interested RV shoppers type the phrase ‘RVs for sale’ into Google over 113,000 times in the United States between the months of November and January, and that’s just one keyword! If you’re not there to serve this captive audience, your more savvy competitors will be.

While converting these shoppers into buyers may be more challenging than in other seasons, there’s no sense in serving them up on a silver platter to your competitors, especially during a time of year when you’re likely to be most hungry for sales.

Many dealers have reduced advertising budgets in the winter, but even these ‘smaller’ budgets can still be successful by marketing to the shoppers that matter most, all the while keeping them away from competitors.

SEO isn’t a light switch.

In today’s SEO environment, it’s more important than ever to be consistent. SEO doesn’t have the ability to act as a light switch where it can be simply turned on and off without negative consequences. Good SEO builds on itself and grows, similar to compound interest on a lucrative investment.

Dropping off the face of Google, your blog, or social media pages just because it is winter sends all the wrong signals for them to continue your trek up the search result rankings. Slow and steady wins every time, and Google is always watching.

What to Take Away

It’s vital to your online marketing efforts to keep things running as consistently as possible throughout the year. RV shoppers never stop searching Google for the products you sell, and downtime can only lead to trouble.

Have questions? Haven’t even started PPC or SEO yet? We’re here to help.

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