What does InteractRV do?

We help RV dealers with their digital marketing and online advertising plans and efforts. Mixing the right ingredients like websites, mobile, seo, ppc, email, and conversion optimization with the purpose of finding success for each dealership.

What can we do ourselves?

Anything you or your Internet marketing manager has the skillset to do. All the typical text, copy, and image, photo changes are super simple. The layout, formatting using HTML and CSS just requires a bit of skill to achieve an effective and engaging result.

How easy is transitioning to InteractRV?

For you, the dealership, it’s quite simple really. It’s our responsibility to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Our quality assurance process covers 100+ critical and best practice steps to ensure your success.

Although some projects move along quicker, most dealers require 60-90 days to finalize the unique look of the site, help arrange content, migrate inventory, and the other best practices we follow to help ensure your success. We have the process nailed down to get you a better website, more leads, and increased sales faster. Your new site will match your dealership brand and your customers will notice the difference.

How do we effectively compare providers?

If you are shopping services, we encourage you to first determine what is important to you and your business before you get started. Write down your goals and requirements, then begin searching for the right solution for your dealership and your individual needs. Not all apples are the same.

Can we really increase our RV sales using InteractRV?

Yes you can. The experience and relationships we have with the RV Dealers that use our services have allowed us to develop successful online marketing strategies and tactics for both smaller dealerships and some of the largest dealerships in the United States.

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What do we get for our money?

The level of service and innovation available to you is like having an inventory manager, graphic designer, programmer, and Internet marketing expert on staff ready and able to do what you need when you need it. So, the answer is you get quite a bit for your money … the right resources, with the right knowledge, always pushing to get the best results.

Why are other RV website service providers promising the moon and the sun for next to nothing?

You have competitors and more than likely there is one or two out there that will tell an RV buyer anything and everything that sounds good just to make the sale. Unfortunately, we have some competitors that do the same. Our suggestion is to do the ‘gut check’ test. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is. Beyond that, do your homework, compare against your goals, check references, and hold us all accountable.

Can we use the system when we are not at the dealership?

All of your data is available 24/7 by using your browser from the office, at your home, or while you are on the road. All our systems are mobile friendly! We also have dealers that use their tablet or cell phone to retrieve their leads while on the go.

Can we still do search engine optimization when using InteractRV?

While the core of InteractRV includes lead management and conversion tools, website intelligence gathering, and website content management tools, the entire InteractRV system is built upon a solid online marketing strategy.

Can we maintain the website ourselves?

Yes, if you have competent folks on staff who understand what it takes to engage and earn the confidence of your online prospects then go for it. InteractRV is a hosted solution so we would be providing your website hosting, but your website manager would have complete access to your website and have the ability to change/update most everything. However, if you need an experienced and knowledgeable website manager we are here to help.

How long has InteractRV been in business?

Since 2001 we’ve had the privilege of building our story. Since then, we’ve grown to a dedicated team of 25+ knowledgeable and diligent folks that are committed to our mission, care about our clients, and are driven to find success.

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Where do you have clients?

The majority of our dealership clients are in the United States, however we have a growing number in Canada and even one in Dubai.

Are all of your clients RV Dealerships?

95% of our customers are RV dealerships. There are a few other non-RV related things we do but 99.9% of our non-rv work comes from our RV dealership owners that own other businesses. Mostly, marine, powersports, golf carts, and don’t forget the Brahma cattle ranch. Enough ‘different’ to keep us on our toes.

If InteractRV had a ‘specialty’ what would it be?

Our ‘specialties’ are really defined in our InteractRV Playbook. Our playbook defines who we are and who we aren’t. Why we do what we do, our shared purpose, how we go about doing business, the rules. It helps us stay focused and on task to be the best we can be for every individual customer that allows us the privilege to serve with their web and online marketing efforts.

What makes InteractRV so much better than our other options?

The results speak for themselves. Better websites, more quality leads, and increased sales. Simple to use management tools that blend right into your existing sales processes. Zealous support and superior service. It’s why the most successful dealerships are using InteractRV and why InteractRV has the highest dealership client retention rate of any other provider.

If my needs change down the road and I go a different direction is my website still mine?

All the website graphics and content on your pages are yours with no strings attached. The only part that we would keep are any pages or products that use the RV Library data as that is part of your InteractRV license and would stay with us.

What if we want or need something custom, something unique?

That’s right up our alley. At our core we are passionate about simplifying business processes and developing the right solution needed efficiently as possible. Many of our team members consistently pitch in and contribute to what we call The Lab, where we can consistently and productively try out new things. Maybe we already have something to help you out, maybe not, but we’d be more than willing to review it with you to discover the right solution.

How do we get started?

If you are serious about the potential of your dealership on the Internet give us a call at 1-800-515-9672 or email us and we’ll do our best to understand your challenges, goals then share the the benefits of using our RV website and marketing tools to propel your success.

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