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Focus on changes for PPC w/ call to action to allow us to help or hone up on skills internally.

As smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity and consumers are seamlessly switching between devices, a new, multi-device world is developing. Enhanced campaigns introduce new marketing tools for this multi-device world, from smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts to advanced reporting to measure new conversion types. The idea is to make campaign management smarter and more simple.
So what’s different with enhanced campaigns versus current AdWords campaigns?
  • Campaign level bid adjustments by device, location (formally bid by distance beta) and time in search
  • Adgroup-level bid adjustments by placement, topic, remarketing and more in display
  • Ads customized for mobile
  • Individual sitelink management
  • Extension scheduling
  • Dynamic KW URLs based on user device
  • Calls as conversion tracking
  • Offer Extensions out of beta and available
  • Coming soon: music and book downloads, digital to store tracking, cross-device conversions
What’s changing specifically:
  • All campaigns reach all devices. You can opt out of mobile by bidding down on the device, but you won’t be able to opt out of desktop/tablet all together
  • Mobile bids adjusted at the campaign level
  • Tablet bids equal to desktop bids
  • Enhanced campaigns for Search or Search+Display do not offer device, carrier, or OS targeting. The enhanced campaigns for display only will continue to have device, carrier and OS targeting options.
  • Promote messages across all devices in one campaign (aka no more mobile separate campaigns). Ads will show on all devices by default with the ability to specify mobile preferred ads as needed.
  • Bid by geographic location (i.e. targeting US but most sales come from New York), by device (i.e. a pizza place might bid up on mobile around dinner time), and by time of day (i.e. No one is in the office after 6pm so I don’t want calls coming in).
  • Sitelinks=> add in at the campaign or ad group level, it is a per-link (not group) approval, edit inline and retain performance, per link data, can do mobile preferred/disabled, dayparting now available
  • App extensions=> mobile and tablet extension (use to be mobile only), allow mobile preferred (or disable mobile), dayparting now available
  • Call extensions=> Call metrics is now free (in US, UK DE), advertiser’s own phone number allowed in desktop/tablet call extension, dayparting is now available, allow mobile-preferred
  • Offer extensions=> extension dayparting available, replaces offer distribution start/end dates
What’s not changing:
  • Separate search and display campaigns still a best practice
  • Account hierarchy not changed
  • KW match types not changed
  • Network targeting options remain
  • Quality Score calculations not changing
  • KW bidding remains
  • Device, OS and carrier targeting for Display remain
  • Smartpricing for AFS in Display not changed
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