Customer Testimonials Increase Sales!

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The Power of a Testimonial

We know shoppers use the internet to research the products and services they’re after before making a choice about where to spend their dollars.  Similar to a referral from a trusted friend, a customer testimonial offers shoppers persuasive content that helps them gain insight from other’s experiences and build confidence, trust and anticipation for their own experience.







Whether they are raving about your customer service or how their new RV has made family camping trips better than ever, customer testimonials carry more selling power today than ever before.  Because they’re candid and unbiased unlike a slick sales pitch, testimonials help convince even skeptical, tough-sell shoppers that doing business with you is the right choice.

Still not convinced you need good customer testimonials on your website?  The next time you’re shopping online see how often you find yourself reading the customer testimonials/feedback before you make a purchase.

It’s easy to add testimonials, including pictures, through your InteractRV Control Panel.  Want to learn more or need help getting started?  Call or email your Client Service Specialist for help today!

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