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The big question is … who is your website designed for? The vast
majority of RV Dealership websites are designed for the Buyer. The
person coming to your website knowing exactly what they want. You know
the typical navigation path …. New RVs > Travel Trailers > Less
than $20,000 > List of what you have in-stock on the lot. Seems like
the right thing to do, after all that's what every other dealership
does, right?

With the typical Buyer
taking 90 days to 1 year being a Shopper before making a decision
shouldn't you ask yourself … how does my website persuade the Shopper
to trust my RV Dealership so that when they do become a Buyer you've
already met their initial needs as a Shopper and naturally they look to
buy from you first?

In the early buying stages (shopper), you save the visitor time by
providing them with information and insight they would have otherwise
had to work much harder and longer to obtain. They give you their time
because they sense they are saving some in return. Conveying this
information and insight with engaging and enjoyable website content
further leverages this relationship by ensuring that visitors are not
only saving time, but enjoying the time they do spend with you. Do that
and it's a fair bet you'll end up turning your Shopper into a Buyer

How do you do it? What can you possibly do on your website to meet the
needs of your website Shopper's? Start by listening. Get a simple
feedback form where your Shoppers and Buyers can tell you what they
like and don't like about your website? We've tested over 5 different
forms and have narrowed down which one gets the best results.

Next, think simply about how your shoppers behave on your lot. Believe
it or not your online shoppers have similar needs. For example, make it
easy for them to get around your entire website so they can learn.
Soaking it all in is alot of the experience for a shopper.

It might be something as simple as allowing your shoppers to find all
your travel trailers with bunks in them. That's how people shop, isn't
it? We've done this on all of our RV Dealer websites and it works!

That's a simple start and there are many other things you can do to get
your shoppers hooked on you today … so they'll be back. If you would
like more info on how we might be able to help your dealership website
give us a call at 1-800-515-9672.

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