One Chance … to Make a Lasting Impression

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The Internet Super Highway is much different than the
highway your shoppers and customers use to get to your dealership.  You
might get a number of opportunities to make a lasting impression as a
prospect drives by your lot multiple times, but what about the shopper
on the Internet … how many times do you get to make a lasting
impression with them?

Most RV
Dealership owners take great pride in their physical lot.  Many times
spending millions of dollars to build outstanding sales and service
facilities … and thousands each year on maintenance, landscaping,
comfortable waiting rooms, and general upkeep.

even with over 80% of their shoppers and customers going to their
website before setting foot on their lot … they’ve settled for a same
old looking website that really doesn’t give their shoppers a lasting

The Po!nt:
Don’t expect your shoppers and customers to give you their business if
you don’t give them a lasting impression with your website. Use your
website to build trust and confidence in your future prospects and
current customers.  Make your website look and feel like who you are as
a dealership.  Not branding your website may be losing you sales!

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