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wordpressNo doubt that WordPress is the defacto standard for most folks that desire to utilize a blog for their website and online marketing efforts.  Why? Because it has alot of flexibility with the way it looks and there are many plug-ins available to help with social sharing, SEO best practices, photos, videos, and much more.

The challenge is that typically a WordPress blog needs to be installed and setup as its own website.  Either a domain like www.myblog.com or blog.mysite.com.  However, with your InteractRV dealership website, you can have your WordPress blog ‘baked into’ your website like www.mysite.com/blog.

This allows you to take advantage of the WordPress features that you enjoy and at the same time have ALL your online blog marketing ‘baked into’ your website which promotes all the additional content as part of your own website.  Having your blog content ‘under’ your website goes a long way adding quality content to your site.  Which in turn helps search engines see your site as fresh, relevent and authorative!

Once installed, the integration into your website gives you the ability to have mulitple content contributors/users and full-control over your theme (look & feel) of your WordPress blog.  In order to maintain good performance in a shared environment installation WordPress does have one limitation of not allowing dealer users to add individual plug-ins themselves.  Getting a plug-in added is simple, just contact your customer care team and they’ll get it going for you.

Not adding fresh, relevant content to your website through a blog yet?  Your customer care team can help.  Give them a call at 800-515-9672 ext. 4 and start reeling in and retaining more customers.

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