Are you flushing leads down the ….

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So, you've got your website all cranked up and ready to
go for 2009.  You've gone over it with a fine tooth comb and the
traffic is coming in.  You begin to watch your web stats to see where
your website traffic is coming from.

most is coming from search engines you notice that very little or no
traffic is coming from the manufacturer website's for the brands you
sell.  Not so great … you think to yourself.  Curious, you hop over
to one of the manufacturer website's and put in your local zip code to
see how your dealer info comes up.

you find makes your lunch turn over in your stomach.  There is your
dealership name with only a phone number and address, but no email
address and no website link.

this is abnormal?  Unfortunately, it isn't, but don't get too
discouraged.  With a little effort you can get this changed and start
putting the manufacturer's you represent to work for you and stop
flushing leads down the drain.

The PO!NT:
If you haven't reviewed all your dealership information on the
manufacturer and supplier website's you represent, now is the
time. Make a list and get someone to go through each manufacturer
website using the dealer locator and make sure your dealership address,
phone, email, and website are correct!

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