Can You Respond Too Quickly to a RV Web Lead?

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I received a phone call late this afternoon from one of our dealer/clients telling me about a wild phone conversation one of his salespersons just had with a web lead.

As part of our simple RV Dealer CRM one of the options is to receive notification of your web leads via text message on your cell phone.  So, when an website shopper submitted a request through this dealership's website a salesperson received the lead info within 10 seconds and made a call back to the shopper within the minute.

When the shopper answered the phone she honestly believed that this salesperson was watching her through her computer video camera while in her bathrobe and all.  It took a bit of convincing, but the online shopper eventually understood that all was well and there was no need to worry, but that this salesperson had just responded to her web request VERY quickly.

So, can you respond too quickly?  I don't think so.  Yeah, you might get a few strange conversations like the one in this example, but 99 out of 100 times the person on the other end of the phone will be ecstatic that you considered their request important enough to get back wtih them so promptly.

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