What Happens to Old Inventory?

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When you put a RV you have in inventory on your website the goal is
that many potential buyers will come to your website and see that RV.
The longer that particular RV is displayed on your website the more the
potential buyers will bookmark that page and the more search engines
will find that page and list it in their search results.

So, what happens to those visitors that try to get to that page after
that specific RV has been sold and removed from your website? 4 out of
the 5 competitors I reviewed either show an ugly page not found or show
errors all over the page.

The best scenario would be to identify what the sold RV was and
redirect the visitor to a listing of similar RVs. Unfortunately, once
the RV is removed from the website you can no longer 'know' what the RV

So, what we did years ago was the next best thing … when someone
tries to go to a RV/page that no longer exists we show them a friendly
looking page that kindly tells them…

'The RV you are looking for is no longer available however you can look through our new and used RV selection to find one that might meet your needs.'

During a recent tracking study we did we learned that a RV Dealer
moving 400-600 units per year … that on average 15-20% of all website
traffic was trying to get to pages/RVs that were no longer available.
That may seem high to you, but understand that each of the individual
RV pages that we produce for our dealer sites are highly optimized and
a large percentage of website traffic is coming directly to those
specific RV pages. Let me repeat … ALOT of traffic coming to our dealer sites looking for a specific RV … talk about highly qualified traffic.

So, for our dealers using the InteractRV
website marketing system this is already taken care of for you, but at
least now you know how it is being handled. For those of you not using
our system I might take a look at the 10-15% of traffic that you might
be turning away from your dealership.

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