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We've heard it said many many time how much folks at the dealerships responsible for managing the inventory absolutely love the RV Library Lookup.  Just recently we had a situation where a salesperson fell in love with the RV Library as well.  Here's the story…

A salesperson calls one of his team members here at InteractRV and says … "hey, I've got this guy who has come in looking at a particular Dutchmen floorplan that I have in stock.  However, he is also looking at a Forest River floorplan at my competitor that is very similar.  He says he likes the way he's been treated here and would like to see a side-by-side comparison of the features and benefits of both RV brands.  I know you guys (InteractRV) have this RV Library thing, do you have access to a 2009 brochure for this Forest River brand."

The team member opens up his browser, goes to the internal RV Library management control panel and shoots the salesperson the 09 brochure.  The salesperson was super excited and eager to get the deal done.

What I find amazing about this whole process is that the salesperson now has knowledge of a competing product that he had no easy way of getting.  And we've all heard the saying … knowlege is power!

Since this happened I have been taking some notes and writing down some thoughts on how we might make the RV Library more accessible to InteractRV control panel users for purposes such as this salesperson had.  I'd love to hear your two cents on the idea.  Email me kevin at interactrv dot com.

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