How much is your PPC Advertising Suffering?

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It’s no secret that Pay-Per-Click advertising is incredibly effective at driving interested buyers to your website. However, without proper know-how, your performance can really suffer and that means less sales for you.

We’ve identified three of the most detrimental mistakes made by dealers who manage their own PPC advertising.

Mistake #1: Too many keywords per ad group

It is tempting to add as many keywords as possible to an ad group, as it seems natural to try and reach as wide an audience as possible. The problem with this approach is Google rewards relevance (lower costs, higher ad positions etc). Relevance is easily lost when there is too much going on. The negative implications include increased costs and lower ad positions.

As a general rule, think less keywords with more ad groups. This way you can still target as many keywords as you like, without sabotaging your relevance factor within your ad groups.

Mistake #2: Not using ad extensions

We very often notice ads not capitalizing on the vast benefits of using ad extensions (sitelinks, call extensions, location extensions etc). Such extensions are a gift from Google, a gift to increase the real estate of your ad on the search result page or to drive a phone call to your business.

All of these options can increase the performance of your ads, leading to lower costs and better clickthrough rates.

Mistake #3: Non-optimized landing pages

So you have managed to get someone to click your ad… great, but what happens when they get to your website? Many neglect the importance of this critical step, and then receive low quality scores due to poor bounce rates.

Low quality scores are troublesome, as they increase your costs and decrease your ad positions. An easily navigable, laser-targeted landing page with relevant content and clear calls-to-action will go a long way to ensuring your PPC advertising is providing you the best results for your dollars spent.

If you, or someone at your dealership is managing your PPC advertising, not making these mistakes will save you money and give you more qualified opportunities to sell.

Our PriorityPPC optimization and management service might be a good fit if you feel you may not be getting the most for the money you are spending.

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