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Looking for big wins with your website and online marketing efforts?  Look no further than InteractRV provided Google Analytics.  Using this included website analytics tool will enable you to put the precious time you have into the things that matter the most.  So, here we go… 

Where are your website shoppers coming from?  Knowing where your website guests are coming from gives you valuable knowledge to help you make educated decisions about the other places you advertise online.  Are you doing classified advertising, banner advertising, paid advertising, or remarketing?  If so, do you know how well those are working for you?  Analytics tells you the whole story, not just what an advertising provider may be telling you.

What do your website visitors do when they get to you?  Does your website lead your guest on a path that meets their desires and also directs them in a way that’s beneficial for your dealership?  Analytics can show you any pages or navigation paths that might lead a shopper down a ‘dead-end’ and give you the information needed to make helpful changes.

Where do most online guests enter and leave your business?  Sounds strange, but it’s true … when someone is on your website they are ‘inside your business’.  Do you know where most of them enter and where most of them leave?  Analytics is the ‘door counter’ for your website, giving you the knowledge to put energy into the right things that will give you the most return.

It’s simple to begin taking advantage of all Google Analytics has to offer. Just sign in with the login information found in your InteractRV control panel, and it’s right there at your finger tips.

Not sure how to proceed? We are here to help. Call 1-800-515-9672 ext 4 or email your client service specialist who can point you in the right direction.

Want to dig even deeper into how Analytics can help your business?  You can learn more starting here: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/google-analytics-tips-data-analysis-reports/.

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