Best Case for Optimizing RV Dealer Site Images

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We’ve recently been asked the question, ‘does the name of the image have any positive or negative impact on seo’?  In our own research and trusted sources, we can’t find where it would have a negative impact.  Whether it could have a positive impact depends on what you are working to accomplish.

For example will it have a noticeable impact by making a page rank in the top 10 results in a Google organic result set? highly unlikely.  Might it help if someone is doing a Google image search for that particular item? yes of course, but you have to ask is that where your shoppers/buyers are, on Google image search?

Here is a short list of Image SEO basics…

On the last item above about over-optimizing, it’s critical to pay close attention to this one.  The bottom line is you can over-optimize.  So, be intentional about which images you are optimizing.  Are you optimizing for a few images that supports the content or are you trying to optimize 40+ inventory images on one page?  Best to focus on the few.

Much of these best practices were adopted from a article dated in 2010, but still very relevant to today.  A quick search online will reveal all kinds of opinions on image optimization. However, be mindful that you can easily spend an immense amount of time and energy into something that will produce very little results compared to the same time and energy spent elsewhere.

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