Are Classified Sites Worth It?

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We often get asked “if we are going to spend money on sending units to a classified site, which one is the best and is it even worth it“? Having worked with 35 different classified sites over the past decade, there are a few things that stand out to help answer that question.

The first question to ask yourself is, what type of leads do you want? Generic or specific or both? Some classified sites deliver leads based on your inventory (specific) while others send leads where the shopper has only begun looking, for say a travel trailer, but hasn’t yet chosen a brand or model (generic). Not all leads are ‘created equal’ yet if you receive them it’s critical to respond and follow-up appropriately with ALL of them.

Depending on where your dealership is located you may or may not have access to local interest classified sites vs national classified sites. Many times classifieds through your local news outlet or Craigslist can get the phone ringing as the shoppers are right outside your door. Using national classifieds can also produce results, but remember to track the results.

Make your leads stand out using unique calls to action in your inventory descriptions, videos, and interesting photos. Easy to do through the InteractRV control panel using promotions. Ask your customer care team member for more info!

Make sure that you can track every lead that comes from a specific classified site whether it is an email or a phone call. Your goal is to determine ROI. Are you making money, losing money, wasting your time, or some combination? Through your InteractRV website and control panel you can know the ROI from emails and phone calls!

Whatever direction you choose with your classified advertising the most important decision you can make is to have a plan for ALL your incoming leads and have someone accountable to execute the plan.

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