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The Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons are now available on our dealer RV inventory and library pages.

We wanted to do this right so each of our dealers has the best possible chance of success.  We can't share all of our secrets on our public blog but here was our approach…

Get Shoppers coming to You
One of the best things both Facebook and Twitter ever did was provide the Like and Tweet buttons.  When your website visitors click them they are kept on your site but info about your RV and a link back to your website is sent out to all your website visitor's friends.

The Right Image
It was important that we could determine which photo was displayed on the Facebook wall.  Harder to accomplish than you might think, but we did.  The picture that gets displayed is the primary outside shot.

Comments Rule
Facebook itself says that a post with a comment will be considered more of a Top Story than a post that doesn't have a comment.  We were able to get commenting built into the Like button on the dealer sites in most browsers.  Some browser version are still learning to play well together with Facebook.

An example of the Facebook Like in action:

Step 1: A website shopper clicks the Like button on one of your inventory or library RV pages


Step 2: The website visitor is prompted to write their own comment.


Step 3:  The link and comment immediately display on the visitor's Facebook Wall AND all their friends' Wall.


Need convincing that Facebook is a realistic method to reach out to over 600,000 shoppers?  Check out Facebook current statistics here. Twitter has their own 200,000 plus following as well.

It's not about whether to use tools like these, it's a matter of using them in a way that makes sense for your dealership and the goals you are working hard to achieve.

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