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As the momentum of blogging and facebook continues we've been getting some questions regarding the content of each one.  Questions like what content do I put onto my blog vs what I put onto Facebook?  Take a look below to get some asnwers…

 Blogging Facebook
 Write about something that has real value to someone. Write as if you were talking with a friend.
 Write about what you know like tips, tricks of the trade. Write about interesting folks related to your industry.
 Use keywords in your writing and link to your website. Link to areas of interest in and about your industry.
 Blogs cast you as knowledgeable and get others to notice. Facebook casts you as real and that others like you.


This should help you get started understanding the basic differences of each.  Keep in mind that there is no magic/silver bullet and that a good blog and a productive Facebook page requires consistent effort.

The most important thing is to get started.  At first it may feel like wasted effort, but all good things take time and consistency.  I guarantee you if you blog for 3 months and stop it won't work.

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