Update Notes December 2010

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These additions, changes, and fixes are now available for InteractRV Dealer clients:

Control Panel Contact  Search
1.    When searching the results are now accurate when switching between contacts.
2.    Tab order changed to be more friendly.

Contact > Add/Edit Unit of Interest > Stock# Lookup
1.    When you add a new record and do a stock# lookup on a New unit the New/Used status doesn’t update to New. Its stays as used unless you manually change it.  Now it changes.
2.    When you do a stock# lookup and the number doesn’t have a manufacturer selected it returns an error.  Now it doesn’t.

Control Panel Adding a New Inventory Unit
1.    New is now the default vs Used.

Control Panel Adding/Editing an Inventory Unit
1.    Issue with AC Units resolved.
2.    Unit description now has validation when too many characters are added.
3.    All manufacturer’s are now displayed in the manufacturer drop down.

These are some improvements designed to help you continue to be the
best in your marketplace and give you an edge over your competitors. 
If you have questions give us a call at 800-515-9672 ext. 4 and ask to
speak to one of your team members today!

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