Employee Leaves … Leads go South … Why?

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Have you ever had someone leave your dealership and wondered why you stopped getting leads from your website or classified site?  Or has someone left your dealership and then weeks/months later you find out that you haven't been receiving email leads from a particular lead source?  Believe it or not it happens more than you might think.  So, how does it happen?

Well, here's a story of a lovely lady, who was having a grand time handling email leads all on her own.  She had been asked to setup leads through her dealership's website and a few other classified type websites.  Things are chugging along nicely and she is showing you now and again the great leads she is receiving.  Then one day something happens and she leaves the dealership.  A few weeks later you overhear a conversation at the front desk that folks keep calling in saying that they've sent emails and no one is getting back to them.  Then it dawns on you…

So, how do you make sure that doesn't happen to you?  Simply use email aliases for your website or other places sending you leads.  For example setup a simple websales@yourdealership.com email alias that gets forwarded to the saleperson(s) email address you would like.  Then if that person ever leaves you only need to change where those email leads get forwarded.

Email aliases are super simple to setup and manage. Just ask your email admin to help you out if you don't already know.

Now, that you know how to proactively handle a potentially harmful email situation make sure you make it a part of your employee termination checklist.

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