Do You Set it and Forget it?

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Remember the Showtime Rotisserie?  Ron
Popeil invented a small rotisserie oven and coined the phrase ‘set it
and forget it’ as part of the ease of using the invention.

Have you had a ‘set it and forget it’ website and Internet marketing strategy?

many dealerships are headed into the ‘off season’ it’s a great time to
get out the measuring stick and see how your Internet marketing efforts
are paying off.  Here are a few questions to help get you started.


Your website is your number one marketing tool
be careful not to have a set it and forget it attitude.  Now is a great
time to get your Internet marketing strategies well positioned for

our team captain can help you evaluate and work on plans for 2011 .. call 800-515-9672!


I know some of you are already at work evaluating and preparing for 2011.  Keep it up!

As always thank you for the opportunity to serve with your website and Internet marketing efforts.


Congrats to Top 50 Dealers!

It was exciting to see that 11 of the top 50 dealers and 2 out of the 5 blue ribbon awards were presented to InteractRV clients.  Glad to be just a small part of their success.

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