Getting the Best Results with Email Marketing

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What is email marketing?

it simply, email marketing takes place every time you send out an email
to a prospect, lead, or customer. It can be a simple reply from your
website contact us form or it might be a email broadcast going to your
website leads and current customers telling them about an appreciation
event you have going on.

The point is
every email communication you have is considered email marketing. This
doesn't mean that you bombard every email with sales/selling
info/content. Some emails are very low key and just your word-smithing
ability supports your 'brand' and continues to build confidence and
earn trust with your prospects and customers.

The Everyday Email

are the emails that you use for correspondence day in and day out.
These emails re-enforce your brand, who you are as a dealership. As
email correspondence increases it is critical for your dealership to
create some simple standards and best practices. Here are some

email communication can be a good marketing tool or a negative
marketing tool. Don't be fooled into thinking it's not a big deal. It's
a big Internet world and your competitor is just a click away.

The Broadcast Email

There are a number of questions/statements I get regarding email broadcasts. Here are a couple…

This is just spamming and my customers won't like it.
Email does get a bad rap, however if it is done correctly and
professionally it can produce results like you've never been able to
produce before with radio, tv, and billboards.

Can't I send email broadcasts myself from my Outlook software?
Technically, sending emails from your own computer using your email
software is doable. However, there are a few things you want to
consider before doing so…

emails is or will be an important part of your business as more and
more prospects and customers continue to flock to the Internet for
researching their next RV purchase and finding a dealer who can give
them what they want.

Take these simple suggestions to heart and start making a difference in your email marketing today!

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