March 2011 Update Notes

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These additions, changes, and fixes are now available for InteractRV Dealer clients:





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Get Lowest Price Used Units
We have created the ability to customize the Get Lowest
Price text on the popup for used units specifically.  The following scenarios
are now possible:

Get Lowest Price Referring URL
When a contact submitted a request through Get Lowest Price
if the referring url was it was transposing that into the dealer
name Dealer Site and not using the root domain for the referring value. 
This caused irregular reporting information and has now been corrected.

Unloaded Vehicle Weight Added to Sort
When sorting is turned on for a RV listing page Weight can
now be added as a sort option.  This allows shoppers to more easily find
lighter and/or heavier weighted RVs.

New/Used Added to RV Detail Page
On the RV inventory detail page the text New or Used has
been added to the front of the page meta title and the product heading. 
This makes it more clear at first glance whether the unit is new or used.

Multiple URL Reorganization
There were multiple ways to get to the same inventory detail
page using URL rewriting.  This has been changed so that there is one
primary way and all other methods are now permanent 301 redirects to the
primary page name.  This was done to assist with search engine

Search Listings Absolute URL Path
On some of the search listing pages the URL that leads to
the RV detail page was not using the fully qualified url like…
 Instead it was using a relative path.  This was changed to the
absolute path to handle existing and future integration with sub domain sites,
micro sites, and mini sites for dealers.

These are some improvements designed to help you continue to be the best
in your marketplace and give you an edge over your competitors.  If you
have questions give us a call at 800-515-9672 ext. 4 and ask to speak
to one of your team members today!


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Kevin enjoys camping in Pure Michigan w/ his bride of 20+ years and three wonderful daughters! As one of the co-founders and current President of InteractRV, he’s passionate about helping Dealerships be successful with their web and online marketing efforts.  Find Kevin on LinkedIn.

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