Part 2: Are Dynamic Display Ads Worth My Ad Spend?

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Last week we analyzed dynamic search ads to help get your 2019 budget planning off on the right foot. Today we’ll look at the other side of the coin and dive into dynamic display ads, which play a different but important role in RV shoppers’ buying journeys.

What are dynamic display ads?

Dynamic display ads appear on the Google display network (i.e. most all websites on the internet with ads on them), Facebook, etc., just like ‘normal’ remarketing/display ads, but with a key difference in that they …

Change to show shoppers the exact products they viewed on your site. E.g. if a shopper views two travel trailers on your site and exits, they’ll see those exact trailers on other sites they visit. Think of it as remarketing on steroids. 🙂


Google dynamic display ad example (only two of many variations shown) … black added for confidentiality:


Are they worth my money?

Yes according to our internal testing. And it makes sense; they’re the most personalized type of display ad you can show a shopper. As always though, your results may vary. It’s prudent to run a thorough test and also consider opportunity cost and the role these ads would play in your bigger picture.

What do I do now?

Are you managing your ads internally or with another agency? If so, then do your homework to ensure your budget is being spent most effectively. We’re happy to help analyze.

If you’re working with us for your display marketing, then no action is needed. We’re testing and optimizing and ensuring you’re in the right places. 🙂

Further reading here from Google.

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