Make Your Dealership Brand Stand-out with Unit Promotions

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Stand-Out from the Crowd!

… with enhanced Inventory/Unit Promotions you can get a jump on your competition within in your InteractRV Control Panel!


What is a Unit Promotion exactly?

A unit promotion can include both a text message description AND an ad graphic to an inventory unit displayed on your website.  You can also choose just the text description OR just the ad graphic option.


Where do the Unit Promotions show up on my website?

They display on your unit detail pages (vdp) in the image rotation 3rd position as well as the text displays in the unit description area directly above the existing description.



As the unit images rotate through, the promo ad will display just as the other unit images.



How does it work?

Decide on what kind of promotion you want to run …

Then, get a really enticing, engaging 800×600 ad graphic made for your promotion.

Finally, in your Control Panel under the RV menu you go to Promotions and simply add a new Unit Promotion.




What criteria can I use?

You can create a unit promotion by year, manufacturer, brand, model, type, age of unit, and even more.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to see you take advantage of unit promotions and improve your sales.

As always, things are always a work in progress and your your constructive feedback is welcome.

Have questions? Get with your Customer Success Specialist to learn more and get started using unit promotions to share the uniqueness of your dealership’s brand to your customers and active shoppers.

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