Top 4 Digital Marketing Must Do’s from RVDA

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Back from RVDA and wading through the waters of information overload?  Here are four quick insights to get you focused on the right things.



Did You Know?

There is already an update to what was mentioned in RVDA … Google is going MOBILE FIRST!

Watch for another video next week explaining what that means for your dealership website rankings and your future reach into the marketplace.


FAQ’s from the Video

How can we do video better?  Look for an upcoming episode in just a few short weeks with more on how you can get video into your website and social sites creatively and affordably.


What is a VDP? A VDP is a Vehicle Display Page … at least that’s what they call it in the auto industry.  It’s the page where you individual inventory unit gets displayed on your website.  In the RV industry we tend to just call them inventory or detail pages.


Is Google really splitting their ranking index?  Not exactly, it will seem that way for the next few months until they get the mobile first index in place.  Then all the ranking algorithms will be determined by the content and speed of your mobile site.  Look for a video episode next week on this one … it’s a hot topic and worth paying attention to.


Until next time … “If you don’t know where you are going., you’ll end up somewhere else.”  Yogi Berra

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