Catching The Google Train

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Are You On Board?

In our last blog post, we shared with you that Google is quickly changing their methods that determine how well your website ranks when shoppers and customers search for the products and services you sell. As the Google Train picks up speed you need to run faster than ever to get on board with Inbound Marketing.

So, how exactly do you get your online marketing strategy and tactics headed down the right track? Here are a few big wins to get you started:

Quality Content | More than ever quality content is what can make or break your ranking in search engines. Content heavily influences the traffic that clicks through to your website, the overall shopping experience, and how many people link to your site or recommend it to others through social media or RV enthusiast blogs and forums.

Google+ Business Page | Google wants people to use their social media networks. What better way for them to get you to use it than to make having an active Google + account a component to ranking better.While this sounds tyrannical, it also has a beneficial side. Participating can contribute to better rankings and it allows you to reach different customers than you would on sites like Facebook or Twitter. Google has captive eyes on almost 70% of the entire search traffic which makes it very important to pay attention and play along.

Social Media | Social media is more than just likes or tweets. It’s a way for you to engage with your customers and offer them opportunities and reasons to get back in the door of your dealership. If your current social media strategy is all about posting about your latest, greatest sale or sending useless tweets it’s time to rethink how you can best serve the needs of your current and future customers by taking the right approach on Facebook, google+, Youtube, and other select social media sites. And remember, when Google sees you engaging on social media and your website being linked to through social shares, the more likely they are to view you as a credible source to rank better in their search engine.

Ratings and Reviews | In any industry the customers who feel they’ve had a bad experience are most likely to spread negative news online. It’s amazing the ability one customer has to negatively impact your business by posting a negative review on your Google business page or other sites like,, Yahoo Local, and others. Making sure your business has claimed all listings on these rating sites will allow you to respond to both positive and negative reviews, and prove to Google that you’re a business who is engaged with their customers.

Keeping up with Google’s changes is a lot of work and can be a challenging responsibility that many dealerships are not equipped to handle. The risk of doing nothing is too great and so is the risk of doing something but doing it wrong.

In our final email of this series we’re going to share with you how we are adapting to these changes the right way and how we may be able to help you be successful, together.

If you missed it you can read the previous blog post here.

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