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With the latest update to Google.com's ranking algorithyms it seems that video continues to take a seat at the front of the class as something to do for better overall website rankings.  Why?  Well, here are a few reasons..

  1. Video is sticky, people stay on your site longer (google likes that).
  2. People like videos which means they are more likely to link from blogs, emails, facebook to your video (google REALLY likes links and uses it to determine ranking priority)
  3. 80% of video results in the google.com keyword rankings come from YouTube.com … get your videos on YouTube now for maximum exposure!


Have a question or need assistance figuring out video for your website?  Give your team captain a call and they'll help you out.

Here is a fantastic article posted on WordTracker with much more nitty gritty detail on the benefits that RV video can bring to your business.

Did you know … your YouTube videos hook right into your website pages?  It's simple and free to do.  Go to the media center and choose videos.  Should be pretty intuitive, but if you need help contact your team captain at 800-515-9672 ext. 4.

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