What to Look for in a RV Web Service Provider

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It's amazing to think that choosing a web service provider for your website and online marketing efforts can make a noticeable difference on your bottom line.  Who would have thought 5 or 10 years ago that the results your website produces would have such an impact?  As you consider your current provider or as you look for a new RV website design and marketing provider or even thinking of your current provider … follow the steps below and make sure you are positioned to get the results you need from your website and online marketing dollars.

It's All Included

You will want updates to your website.  Some providers say 'It's all included' and some charge reasonably for the extra work.  If 'It's all included' have them show you examples on at least 3 of their current client websites where something substantial was requested and how long it took to get it done.  Saying it's included is one thing … actually doing it is quite another.

Are You Making Progress?

Ask for at least 3 examples of new features or valuable improvements they've added to their offerings in the past couple of months.  Make sure they are a company that is progressive on things that will help you be successful at your dealership

Look for Depth

Ask to talk with at least two or three folks at the provider company. 
Ask the other's a few similar questions as your primary contact to be
sure everyone who will be on your team are all on the same page and can
grasp what it is you are wanting to accomplish with your webste and
online marketing efforts.  You know it takes good folks working with
you at your dealershp to help you be successful.  Make sure your web
marketing company does the same.

No Free Lunch

Promising everything under the sun for free or hardly any cost usually won't turn out well for you with your sales results.  I've NEVER … let me repeat … NEVER … seen or heard of any product or service that was dirt cheap or free and promised the moon to EVER produce any value much at all.  The bottom line is you know that running a capable dealership requires folks with good attitutudes, experience, and skills.  Your web service provider should run their company no differently.

Too Good to Be True?

No person or company is perfect and shouldn't claim to be.  Ask them of one mistake they made with a client recently and how they handled it.  Mistakes are inevitable, but it is how they are handled that make the difference.  Be sure the company you are wanting to help with your online marketing efforts isn't arrogant, prideful, or unwilling to admit they make mistakes.

Don't Cut Yourself Short

During the initial stages of reviewing a RV web services partner it will be helpful for you to focus on your goals first.  What do you want to accomplish?  Too many times providers want to 'show off' their console and all the great things it can 'do' without first understanding what your needs, desires, and challenges are at your dealership.  If you take the time to figure out what it is you want and need to accomplish first it's much easier to decide on what website management features and tools you'll need to be successful.  Now, that you've established your needs and goals DON'T … let me repeat DON'T cut yourself short by abandoning them to save  a few bucks. 

Following these simple steps will pay off bigtime and not leave you wondering or wishing you hadn't months later.


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