Got Traffic … Now What?

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When you have good website analytics data that's showing lots of traffic, low bounce rates, good page views, etc… the next question to ask is not how we get more visitors, but HOW do you engage more of the visitors and persuade them to make contact with you either by email, filling out a form, or picking up the phone?

To engage more visitors and earn their confidence it’s about identifying what it is the visitor wants out of their experience on your website and giving it to them.

One simple thing … How many of your online shoppers are first timer’s or novices?  What educational information about RVing could you offer on your site or point to on another website that would help them get better educated and start to see your dealership as their RVing expert?  What about this … have a few pages of RVing education, then offer an online quiz they can take to get a RV Educated Discount for their next purchase with you.

There isn’t a silver bullet to online success, but rather a focused, consistent effort that will over time produce better and better results.

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