April 2011 Control Panel Update Notes

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For some months we have been working to update the technologies we are using that make the Control Panel run.  The updates made this morning are the first in many to come now that we've got a new foundation laid.  Thank you to those of you who were patient with us as we made these changes and had a few hickups this morning.  If you have any questions please get with your IRV Team Captain and they will help you out.


Additions and Changes

Login Screen Changes

Works the same as it did before just looks a bit different.  The change was made to support some new security features.


CRM > Float List has been added back to the CRM! 

This enables you to easily put a list of contacts on the side without having to keep clicking back and forth.


CRM > View All Users

New User Access Permission

Use this permission to lock out certain users that take photos from making the inventory units live on the site before you have a chance to double check them. Checking ths permission doesn't allow them to change the Waiting for Approval or the Notes box.


Add/Edit Contact Screen Workflow Changes

To keep all required fields 'above the fold' on your screen the following fields were moved to the upper right side of the screen: Alert, Origin, and Referred By.


Add/Edit Follow-up Screen Workflow Changes

The Follow-up Date field was moved between Details and Outcome and the date picker now displays once you click in the date field.



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