Where should your ad spend go in 2014?

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Traditional vs. Digital ROI

With decisions on 2014 advertising/marketing budgets nearing, it’s time to start evaluating your spend in television, newspaper, radio, billboards, and direct mail VS paid search (PPC), remarketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email marketing.

Why do you spend money on advertising and marketing?  You’ve been spending money on traditional advertising for years and it seems to have worked, but does it still work?  It’s important for us to first define what success is or what your goal is with your marketing dollars.

Is your goal to just get your dealership in front of people? Or is your goal to get your dealership in front of the people who are already interested in or looking for the products and services you sell in a way that interacts and engages them to emailing, calling, or stopping into your store?

Would you rather throw your message out to 10,000 people and hope that maybe 200 of them will be interested in your offer OR would you rather target and place your message out to 10,000 people who are already interested in what you have to offer?  That’s the power of digital marketing!

Benefits of Digital Advertising

  • Quick results
  • Cost effective
  • Monitor performance
  • Invest in interested shoppers

Are you holding on to traditional media spend just because you’ve always done it … is it time to put the sacred cow out to pasture? My encouragement is to take a non-biased look at where your ad dollars are currently being spent and evaluate those compared to some of the digital marketing opportunities that are proven to attract more shoppers to your dealership, engage them, and help turn them into customers.

You may not want to move all your ad spend from traditional to digital, but at least get in the game, run some plays, and get some wins.  Go to where your best sales opportunities are, reach out to those people … you’ll be encouraged with the results.

Here’s where you might want to focus first…

  • Paid Search (PPC / Adwords)
  • Remarketing (ads that follow you around)
  • Search Engine Optimization (onsite / blog content / link marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest)

Have questions? Need assistance getting digital advertising working for you?  Just as we are currently running successful digital marketing campaigns for over 30 RV dealerships, we can help you too.  Give us a call at 800-515-9672 and talk with your CSS today.

About the Author:

Kevin | InteractRV

Kevin enjoys camping in Pure Michigan w/ his bride of 20+ years and three wonderful daughters!  As one of the co-founders and current President of InteractRV, he’s passionate about helping Dealerships be successful with their web and online marketing efforts.

Find Kevin on his personal blog KevinWallenbeck.com or on LinkedIn.

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