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There’s a reason RV dealerships gaining the most online momentum are blogging every month. Simply by regularly posting quality content to your blog helps your search engine optimization, lead generation, and relationship with existing and potential customers.

Blogging done right helps each of these key areas improve your web presence and sales…

  • Enhance your SEO. Google’s algorithm is becoming increasingly more dependent on content signals, as we recently blogged about here. Fresh, unique, valuable content is the recipe, and a good blog is the easy solution. As Google crawls your website and continues to find new information, they’ll further see you as authoritative and reward you over time with better search result rankings.
  • Generate more leads. More website visitors, whether from improved search result rankings or shoppers clicking through to your blog posts from your email marketing or social media, means the chance for more leads and more opportunities to sell. As your blog readership grows, everything from sales and promotional announcements to new product reviews can be shared to large audiences of interested shoppers.
  • Connect with customers. With any luxury product, consumer confidence and trust are critical to obtaining sales. Blogging about topics important to RV shoppers and buyers builds and maintains relationships and keeps them coming back for more. Is your dealership active in your local community? Your blog is a great place to let people know.

Not sure where to begin?  Your InteractRV DS3 website comes equipped with a WordPress blog baked right in, so it’s easy to get started.  Ron, Joyce, or Patty can help you get a plan in place today, just give them a call at 800-515-9672 ext 4.

More info for those who like details…Blogging Best Practices from Moz

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Erich | InteractRV

Erich is InteractRV’s Google Certified Marketing Team Leader and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys helping dealers get the most for their online marketing dollars.

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