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We’ve all seen Remarketing ads following us around the internet – the pool cue, cute purse, or luxury fifth wheel. Remarketing lets you follow-up with shoppers who have already visited your website by delivering them specifically targeted, eye-catching image ads.

We’ve identified three of the most important steps to ensuring your Remarketing campaign is a success.

Selecting your Audience

There are multiple ways to go about targeting groups of shoppers who have been to your website:

  • Shoppers of specific products (fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers etc.)
  • Shoppers on any unique, specific page of your choice (including those who have submitted a contact form)
  • Any and all shoppers on your website, regardless of page

Ad Targeting

It’s important your ads appeal to your targeted shopper. For instance, if you want to reach travel trailer shoppers, be sure to show a travel trailer image in your ads.

It’s also important to consider limiting the number of times your ad is shown to a shopper. Keep in mind if your target audience sees your ad too often, they may become annoyed with you.

Campaign Optimization

While your results may vary, we’ve found the most successful Remarketing campaigns are those that are product-focused (fifth wheels, travel trailers etc). Remarketing optimization is also done in the following ways:

  • Ad testing to experiment with different offers, calls to action and images
  • Frequency cap testing to monitor impressions and audience size
  • Bid testing to monitor impression share, average position, and cost effectiveness
  • Landing page testing to determine optimal landing spots for shoppers

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It allows you to remain fresh in the minds of shoppers who have left your website to potentially explore those of your competitors.

Our Remarketing optimization and management service might be a good fit if you would like to remain in contact with shoppers after they leave your website.

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