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Ninety-two percent of people searching social media for local businesses do it on Facebook. When they learn about your products or see special offers on Facebook, they’re more likely to stop by and shop. Use Facebook to increase leads and drive more traffic to your door. Here are some of the ways it’s so effective…

  • Reach shoppers near your dealership. Facebook pulls from it’s over 1,000,000,000 users to find those in your target markets, giving you the best chance for success.
  • Send the right message to the right shoppers. With your target markets identified, you can take it a step further and advertise based on age and education level, to help find shoppers most likely to have the discretionary income needed to buy an RV.
  • Turn shoppers into buyers. With the right shoppers found, it’s vital to use your Facebook page to continue engaging them, sharing updates such as new products, special sales, and recent blog posts that link back to your website. This can make all the difference in turning shoppers into lifelong customers.

Regardless of the way your dealership does business or what your goals are, Facebook advertising can help you find success. Want to learn more on your own? Checkout Moz’s Guide to Facebook Ads, or get right to it by contacting your Client Service Specialist today!

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Erich | InteractRV

Erich is InteractRV’s Google Certified Marketing Team Leader and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys helping dealers get the most for their online marketing dollars.

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