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Erich is InteractRV’s Google Certified Marketing Team Leader and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys helping dealers get the most for their online marketing dollars.

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Beware of Buying Online Ad Impressions

Pay per click display ads and pay per impression display ads are two primary methods of online, display advertising (‘display’ meaning banner ads, remarketing etc.) you might spend your hard earned money on and it’s important to know the facts. … Continued

Posted by 2 years ago
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The Difference A Blog Can Make

There’s a reason RV dealerships gaining the most online momentum are blogging every month. Simply by regularly posting quality content to your blog helps your search engine optimization, lead generation, and relationship with existing and potential customers. Blogging done right … Continued

Posted by 3 years ago
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Showcase Listing Sliders

New RV listing slideshows! Can be used with Featured RVs, or Specials, or even sorted by unique tags. Completely customizable and themed to fit the style of your site. Click here to try out some examples.  

Posted by 6 years ago